Monday, 15 October 2012

The Thong Swimwear

Even though many people today are undecided on whether thongs are too "sexual" to be worn in public, they are indeed one of the oldest forms of clothing. Tribal men use to wear these pieces to keep the loin area covered. The thong, as it's known today, was first featured by a fashion designer named Rudi Gernreich in 1974. This style of bikini swimwear was a huge hit in South America.

Among the first to acknowledge thong bikinis was Brazil, known for its large population of gorgeous women. Soon, the fashion spread to North America and Europe, where it quickly became a common piece of lingerie among teens and young adults. Thongs offer a great sensuality and men love seeing them on ladies for obvious reasons as well.

Thong bikinis can be quite a nice addition to your bikini wardrobe. Also, try mixing the tops and bottoms for a better design. You can wear a printed top with a solid thong or vice versus to create a new look.

Also, to create anticipation among beach lovers, wear a bikini sarong over your thong so that people can see through it and view your thong. Once you take that off, you'll see heads turn as everyone can fully see your thong bikini.

There are 3 main types of thongs: G-string thongs, T-string thongs, and V-string thongs. The G-string type utilizes a string instead of a waistband for the bottom of your bikini. T-strings are most noted for the look of a "T" that they give when the waist strings intercept the piece that goes in between the buttocks. V-string thong bikinis are made with a V-like patch on the back that connects the strings.

As always, when wearing tied swimwear, make sure that the knots are tight so to prevent any exposure.